Hospital Blues

Since we’re not really staying for a long time here in the hospital, Mom decided that we get a small room with no tv since I brought the laptop with me. But man it’s still boring…and I gotta stop blogging at 2am. LOL. I just watched some HappySlip videos and wow okay, I didn’t know that she was pregnant! AND did ya’ll know that she actually has a husband and a 4 year old son! And here I was thinking she and Kevin (kevjumba) would be a nice pair. LOL!

I’m still loading the extended version of the behind-the-scenes for Wongfu’s ISA Concert. I was laughing already and I wasn’t event halfway into the video. AJ Rafael and TimothyDeLaGhetto made me laugh so much and so did Phil’s version of NU ABO :)) Some of the guys in the line were like, “MARRY ME TED!” and Ted was like, “I’m taken!”

Anyway a lot of people were asking how my mom is right now. Well she’s good already and she’s resting. I’m bumming. LOL. But yeah, she got a little too shocked from the car that backed up on her and rolled on her right root. It was too painful for her that her blood dropped and she fainted. The foot is still swelling and the doctors told us that she needed to stay overnight so they could monitor her blood pressure. But thanks for all the prayers, calls and texts! I made sure she read everything :)

Here she was on the wheelchair getting ready to be wheeled in to her room with the ice pack on her foot :))

anyway i gtg! 굿밤!


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