The morning after… or well, afternoon after.

I had this really enlightening talk with my mom’s nurse earlier. She went inside to change my mom’s foot cast thingy then she started to ask me about school and stuff. So I told her that I rested for a couple of months, did some works here and there and that I’m going back this Monday. Then she went on how it’s nice that I had the chance to rest but then she made me realize a few things when she started talking about her life.

Nurse: I never liked it when I didn’t have anything to do. As much as I hated it, I wanted to go back to school after a few days of bumming in the house or get a job as soon as possible but the boards made it difficult. It’s depressing in the house. That’s what you feel when you think you’re so unproductive, out-of-school or jobless.

And that was how I felt the whole time. She was right. I’m so glad to be back in school. I missed bickering with professors too. LOL

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