Been a while….

Been a while since I last posted :) Funny how my last post was the day before my school started and now I’ll be posting a month and 12 days after it.

Recently, school has taken over my life, and I guess I’m taking the initiative to make up for the last semester that I wasn’t learning anything. Being in school again has been so much fun for me and everyday seems more fun now that my new friends and I are closer. It wasn’t easy being a new kid in a VERY VERY different environment but I’m glad things are going great now. I’m not dealing with being stereotyped anymore which is very convenient for me plus I can wear anything I like (aside from revealing clothes and short shorts ofc) and not get criticized. I love it!

Anyway, in general, school’s been pretty good to me. It’s taking too much of my time but I guess that’s what I get from ditching school for one whole semester. LOL :))

And, I know I’ve been on hiatus for quite a while in the fandom and I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Though, a lot have been asking why I’m so late and stuff with news and such. Well I don’t have any excuse for that. I’ve been so busy with school, projects, PKCI, BEAST album launching, meetings with MCA and late night school stuffs that whenever I get home all I wanna do is sleep (yes SLEEEEEP omnomnom yumyum). But being hiatus like this made me realize that I’m actually being responsible for once in my life and that I can actually juggle school plus handling Beastph. For the first time, I feel proud of my self. I hope this goes on for a long time because I really like the feeling. It’s goooood :D

Enough of my school and fandom life, last friday my baby cousins slept over here in the condo for fun. We took pictures and they swam in the pool, ate a lot of yummy stuffs and gah, we basically pigged out :)) But yesterday, I felt bored (for me and the kids) because there wasn’t anything to do in here in the building. They didn’t even prepare something for the Halloween >< bummer. And after the kids were fetched by my uncle, I felt even more bored because there wasn't anything to do :( The kids in the building don't do trick or treating anymore :( I ended up cleaning the whole unit and getting little asthma attacks! Damn I'm glad I didn't live in a condo when I was little. At least I still got to play in the streets where I don't have to worry about getting run over by anything. Aigoo so sad…

Watch out for Halloween 2011 I’m gonna prepare a Trick or Treat program/Halloween Party here in the building ya’ll would wish I didn’t live here XD


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