Depressed? SHOP!

This morning, I went to class with a very heavy heart after being greeted by his tweet that says he’s no longer single. It hurts like SKHGDJFBD man. I tried not to think about it that much and it’s hard ok. I know I’m over-reacting but it just hurts. Plus Algebra topic right now is not helping with all the confusing things to do just to solve a frikken problem.

SO… I ended up in Makati after my class and I tried to challenge my self to buy as much shoes and clothes as I can with only Php2,000 in hand, or well in my atm.

…bought 2 shoes and a few clothes and foot-socks :) LOL.

It’s true what they say, shopping really does help heal a depressed soul. But dang being the impulsive that I am, I feel that I’m not gonna use the other clothes that I just bought. GAAAH. I’m gonna be dead if Mom finds out O:

But anyway KPOP Night Halloween Party tomorrow night! :) See you!


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