AWESOME night-out with friends last night :) And I just wanna say that, my feet HURTS like hell right now, my head is aching madly because I didn’t get enough sleep, I look like hell and I don’t know if all my answers in my Filip exam earlier are anywhere near right -___- I should get extra credit works from her I don’t want to get a low grade in that subject :|

But, I’m so glad that after I felt TWO heartbreaks this week, I was able to hang out and be crazy and wild in a place just because. On a WEDNESDAY NIGHT :D Gotta love that. Wasn’t able to take pictures since I was too busy dancing. LOL.

I got my hair trimmed today and got my bangs a straight cut! It feels so good to have my bangs this short :))

and I was expecting this day to be so dull but I’m so glad that I was able to see you even if it was just seconds.


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