Why are you such a Masochist, Meg?

I don’t even know why. I keep on telling my self that it’s nothing anymore but well that’s why I’m a masochist. You get the point.

And if you don’t, let’s not talk about it. Last night was a successful garage sale night in Eastwood. Though I was running around (in heels!) all over the place trying to get everybody and the program in line but after everything that happened, I’m just glad that I was able to hang around with my friends and do my job at the same time.

Plus Lauren dropped by! I’m so glad that I saw him again after so many months! He’s an FT Island fan and I think I was able to introduce him to my world in a not so mild way. haha.

My boys that did so well. Even if I feel a bit unappreciated, I still love you guys. Sorry don’t mind me I’m just a bit emo with everything right now. This will pass. BEST (the guys in red), performed Shock and Soom yesterday. There were some glitches but the crowd still loved them. You guys did so well even if ya’ll weren’t prepared and stuff, you still killed the dance :)

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