Lounge Galore

I can’t believe that after setting 5 alarms to go off one after the other, I still wasn’t able to get up at 6am >< I ended up waking up at quarter to 7 and done my morning routine in fast forward then I had to rush out of the house to catch my train because if I don't catch it at my usual time it's gonna get crowded like shit and I'd smell like poo :( (the nerve they have to increase train fare when they can't even frikkin fix the crowding problem UGH.)

Anyway I got to my school’s area and bumped into Mike on the streets on the way to our building. LOL he wanted to be late in class because he didn’t want to do his reporting, but his line in the elevator queue got in faster than mine. HAHA. As for me, I got to class a bit later than my class’ time but it’s alright, I don’t think he ever checks attendance anymore. LOL. But I’m so glad that I finally got the last lesson that my professor taught. Algebra illiterate here ><.

After Algebra, we decided to hang out in the cafeteria to wait for 11.20am since that’s the time when most of us in the group has class. Kaloy was able to make a song for GG along with Josh, Shaima and I decided to bum around while the others left to take their midterms. When they came back, we transferred to the student lounge in front of the cafeteria so that nobody would scold us when we become even more noisy. XD

Oh and since my friends and I are mostly transferees, we decided to take the Class Picture into our own hands. We’ll be having it on Thursday. LOL. What haha. We aren’t in a block so we prolly wouldn’t be in any class pictures anymore. What a sad life we have -___- but yeah we’re doing this to make up for that. haha.

Oh and look at what I got last friday! All the way from Korea and Chesca Tan :D My own Mastermind album and BEAST Balloon <3 It's so pretty! Thanks babe :) When you come back I'm gonna hug you like crazyyyyy! :D


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