My friends are like M&M’s

This entry is inspired by KevJumba’s Girls are like M&M’s video. I’ve watched this video a couple of time but it’s still amazing. I love how KevJumba made his point across a lot of people by using M&M’s. LOL. But for my entry, I’m not gonna talk about interracial relationships like he did. I’m gonna blog about my friends. My friends who are all so awesome and so fun to be with.

I have very different sets of friends. And when I say very, I mean it. Just like M&M’s, my friends varies but they are all fun to be with. I have my fandom friends and my friends. My fandom friends are those that like the same music as me. It’s no secret anymore that I like KPOP (Korean Pop). Don’t get me wrong, I like other music too and I have a very wide music genre range but Kpop just makes me feel more relaxed and their catchy tunes amuses me. Because of that, I’ve also met a lot of people who enjoys the same thing/music that I do.

My fandom friends, they’re awesome. I can’t even imagine life without them. They’ve seen me at my worst, my lowest point (remember last summer? -__-;;) and they didn’t think twice about me. Every time I’m with them, it always seems like a party. No dull moments with them for real. And I love that we are very open to new people and we try not to make new people feel out of place. Even if these people weren’t from the same school (well some of them are ^^) I am or we’re not childhood buddies or what not, but they make me feel at home and safe. And I’m forreal :D

And then there’re my friends from school who are as awesome as my friends in the fandom world. I love them because they accept me being the crazy-loud-girl that I am. I love how they don’t leave me out and is just one text/call away whenever I need them or whenever we just need to be random. These people make me feel crazily at home in school. LOL I stay more in school now because of ya’ll! haha
Ok I just felt a bit sweet today so here you go! :)

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