Raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right ways…

PINK – Raise Your Glass

I swear I love songs like these when I’m not in my best mood. It also makes me feel a little better when all I really wanna do is bang my head to the wall. >< But thanks to my bad mood, I was able to finish half of my pending works for MCA and was able to do some gfx for Beast.ph :]

Anyway on to the weekend that was. I gotta say that last saturday was one of the most fun days that I’ve had in a while. We were in Alabang the whole afternoon just playing and chilling out. Met up with Bea and Anton in McDo Taft and waited for Carlo (Bea’s boy :]) because he’ll drive us to Alabang where the others already were. We got there and we were supposed to go play Laser Tag but we were having trouble with the Harry Potter movie screening schedule. We decided to get the 8pm movie and went to Samm’s village to play Frisbee in the Cuenca Park.

I’ve always wanted to learn how to play Frisbee but I can’t catch anything to save my life. I’m forreal. Good thing the guys were patient enough to teach me and Poi (nice to meet you btw girl! :]) once we were already in the park. After we all got tired playing we rested by the bench for a while and started doing tumblings and gymnastic stuffs. I swear we are RANDOM LIKE THAT. LOL.

After playing we headed back to ATC to catch the 8pm showing of Harry Potter. I’ve watched it already prior to this chill day but I still watched because I think this is the funniest HP yet. :)) And seriously can you ever resist Dobby and Ron? NO. I can’t. haha. AND yes I cried again.

Dad picked me up after and we went home to the Laguna house. Ahh… I missed it after not going home for like a month or so :)

Ooops ok I’ll be late for 2nd period class! I gtg :)


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