KPOPCON & Paskuhan 2010

It’s been a while (AGAIN) since I blogged. School became crazy and life went a whooping 1000mph. LOL but seriously everything went fast forward during the last few weeks before Christmas. Preparations for KPOPCON had me going round offices and packing 5k freebies for 3 nights along with Aya, Pia, Panyang and the rest of the team. Going to the venue at 3am to check everything and to make sure that no ones gonna fall off the stage and that all the sponsors/VIPs are seated in the right chairs.
Well, just like the first Kpopcon, I STILL WASN’T ABLE TO GET MYSELF MADE UP >< Last year, Justin and I planned that we'll go to a parlor to have our hair and make up done but other people. But NOOOOOOO~ we were glued to our posts the whole day. This year's KPOPCON is a bit more hectic since we have sponsors and lots more eyes looking at all our moves. One bad/wrong move and we'll all be judged. And yes I still wasn't able to have my make up in The Face Shop's booth -___- But I'm just glad that KPOPCON ended successfully and peacefully, with no one hurt and everyone happy.

Although the event left me voiceless for 2 weeks I’m still grateful that I was able to work with an awesome team who’s always up all night working and thinking of ideas to make the event better than ever. I’m so honored. OF COURSE… I don’t have pictures of the event. I was running back and forth forum 1 and forum 2, checking in on BEAST.PH’s booth and other booths and the registrations and hollering on people. LOL. So much for enjoying the event HAHA. But I did enjoy it <3

And then there’s Paskuhan 2010 the grandest event UST always throws once a year to end the school year and to welcome the new year ahead. Of course, this years Paskuhan is very VERY grand because it’s the last one before they welcome their 400th year. The fireworks were lovely. Very lovely. And this year was even special for me because I was able to spend it with my friends (In.Demand, WTHH and CSB friends) plus my SPED 2011/2010 friends. Life couldn’t get any better than that.

Oh, and, CALOY, SAMM AND I MISS YOUR FACE ALREADY! Can’t wait for the finals to see your face haha.


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