Bye 2010, Hello 2011 :)

2010 is coming to a close and I really can’t thank ya’ll enough for the wonderful year that 2010 has become for me. Without the people around me, 2010 wouldn’t even be half as awesome as I think it is.

I learned so many things from 2010, I failed, got up, met new people, knew my true friends, made some mistakes, had a new start, MET BEAST, 4MINUTE & UKISS, fell in love, had my heart broken, went through adventures, listened to good music, partied, cried, had a broken family for a while, got worried shit about my dad, made a point, left school, transferred to a new school, applied for a job, got rejected, ran away, got hella wasted, finally learned how to drive, and so much more. Now I am bound to make 2011 much more exciting and awesome!

To my friends, both in the KPOP world and outside it, THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH. You guys are the biggest part of my 2010. Without ya’ll, this year wouldn’t be complete and it would be so dull. Thank you for always giving me a shoulder to cry on, for letting me share everything and for always just being there. To WTHH CREW, BLT CREW, DownLow Babies, BEST, BEASTph, International Friends, In.Demand Family, UST FRIENDS, CSB FRIENDS, CSA FRIENDS and everybody, SUPER THANK YOU!

I hope 2011 will be awesome for all of you! I know it will be for me, I’m gonna make it as awesome as my 2010! :D HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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