Happy Christmas Eve!

Hi! It’s Christmas eve today in my timezone and everyone in our Laguna house is pretty much gearing up for tonight’s Noche Buena. Yumm!

So today I jogged around the neighborhood and finished the last episode of my American Horror Story marathon also emailed a few more media partners for our event and pimped this new blog. I would help them in the kitchen but god knows how I fail very much with knives. Even my family’s scared to risk it. LOL. I think I’d rather be in-charge of the food tasting and music :))

And yeah, I made a new blogger, AGAIN. I kinda neglected blogging ever since my previous school terms became very demanding and I ended up forgetting my password for the other one :( Anyway as soon as this one gets launched, I’ll try to export my older entries from the other blogger one of these days, once I’m able to retrieve my password there. Haha.

Anyway, I hope you guys would have a lovely Christmas! Spend it with your family and stop noonting in front of your computer/laptop. Christmas is the time for bonding with your family, friends and relatives! Enjoy this day with a nice glass of wine or soda :))


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