Cavite getaway.

My Aunt’s house in Cavite is probably my family’s most favorite place in the world. We go there whenever there are special occasions to celebrate or when we just feel like having a marathon weekend or even both. It’s a residential-slash-resort-slash-hangout place that’s perfect for those who like nature and fun altogether. It’s so beautiful, peaceful and it’s like my own little pocket Baguio. Plus it’s too cozy there that sometimes I don’t even wanna go home anymore! I wanna stay and bum around in that place forever. *get kicked by mom*

How can you not love this place?

So we went spent Christmas Day there to celebrate with my Dad’s side of the family and as usual, we pigged out, marathon-ed My Fair Lady, played a lot of iphone games and webcam-ed with people. And Kuya Philippe is actually with us this time! He’s usually with his girl or at work so we don’t really see him that much. To be honest I’m really happy that he was there. I’m so used to being his baby-girl in the past, that I actually missed him, our bickering and his childishness. 
We also skyped with Tita Mimi who’s now living in Ireland using Philippe’s iPad. It was so chaotic and so crazy because everybody wanted to talk to her. The iPad kept on transferring from one hand to another and when I was able to hold on to the iPad with my right hand, I also had a kiat-kiat (Mandarin Orange) on my other hand because I was going to eat it… and when I was going to already, I realized that I’m not holding on to anything anymore. I looked at Kuya Paul and he was eating the whole orange already! >< crazy.
Our lovely (and crazy) parents! 
How was your Christmas? :)

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