Tuesday Night Lights

Finally! After a few days of driving around South and Makati, I finally have a few hours to myself and to work for our event.

Yesterday was so fun though! We went to Rockwell to eat at Crustasia with my Dad’s sister and his Sister-in-law. It was so cozy and the food was really yummy. And I’ve now concluded that Mom could be one of those tour guides in those tour buses that goes all over the country. She talks non-stop and knows everything about a single place. It’s so amazing how she can walk for miles too. I joked her about being a tour guide and all she said was that she’ll get tired from that. Really Mom? Doesn’t look like it. We walked in a hurry to Ayala Triangle from Landmark using the Greenbelt way. When we got there, I felt like I just finished Brisk Walking. My mom is so awesome! /flips table/ LOL
We got to Ayala Triangle -there were so many people of course- just in time because the lights just dimmed down, signalling that it’s about to start. I was asking Donghyun where they were already and telling them that if they see lots of lights then they’re near already. He’s with Lizzie, Okee and her brother (still don’t know his name, damn.) on the taxi and I was so scared that the taxi driver might rip them off since most of them are foreigners and Lizzie has an American accent even when she speaks Tagalog. But thankfully, they got there safe. We also called for Robyn to come by since we know that she works in Makati and she agreed to meet us there. 
That’s me and my bestfriend up there and us while waiting in line at Kenny Roger’s.
We never really ate at Kenny Rogers. We got so annoyed because the line doesn’t seem to be moving so we just waited for Robyn and looked for a different restaurant. We ended up eating at Luk Yuen in Glorietta 5. We didn’t really want to eat Chinese but we had no choice. It’s just Tuesday night and Ayala is so crowded already. It’s so craaaaaaaaaaazy!
Everything was spur of the moment yesterday but it was so fun! Part 2 at my house on January 7! Don’t forget guys :D

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