Happy 2012!

And 7 days after… I blog :)

Year 2011 left me literally looking like a pulp with a year-end event and being sick right after it, I should really despise everything but right now, I don’t really care. All I know is that I was really happy, I made new friends, I got to keep the old ones, my life was pretty much always on the go but I’m really glad that was still able to keep my priorities in check. Yeah there may be few days that I was down and stressed but well, we’re past that already, let’s all move on :)

We finally had our KPOPCON3 event last December 30 and there were lots of people, the FC’s were really cooperative and although the aircon kind of gave up on us halfway through the event, the people still stayed until the awarding ceremony. Our LED monitor is so gorgeous, I wanted to flash random photos of the core people up on it. It was soooooo pretty! I was in the tech booth, running the LED and the show with Direk Sofia and Eason and I have to say that, while I know next to nothing about show directing and  technical stuff, I learned soooooo much from Direk Sofie and she was also very open to all my other suggestions while we were at the booth. Everything brought a rush of adrenaline to me that I’ve never felt ever before in the last con’s. All in all, after everything that happened that day and yes even after I got sick with Amoebiasis probably from something I ate or drank from Banchetto, I was still happy :)

Anyway, be careful of what you eat guys! Amoebiasis is a bitch! ><''

Now, year 2012 is here and I’m ready to just take on it! Our third term just recently started and all my subjects seem really exciting and challenging. I think it’ll be a whole term where I’ll deal with company logo’s and the like but, I’m really, really, excited! Last term was kind of hectic but this time, I’ll try to manage my time wisely.

New year, new me? Yeah, definitely.


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