I should sleep.

LOL yeah I should. It’s 4 in the morning and I am stuck in my bed, rolling back and forth. So, I’m gonna keep this one short so that I could go back and concentrate on how am I gonna sleep.

I’ve been watching this new tv series called Switched at Birth the whole day and I think it’s an absolute genious. It’s about two families who got their daughters switched at birth. One went to this uber rich family and the other one went to a single mom living in the East suberbs and also she became deaf when she got sick when she was little. The show really made me feel like I could totally relate to them even though being switched is very much far from my case. Though if that happened to me, my mom would probably react the same way as the moms in the series did. As embarrassing as that may sound. Lol. Yeah I’m not gonna say everything here so you would just have to watch it :))

Also today, I had a really great time with my kpop buddies during ZE:A’s last mall tour at Market Market. The mall was packed and it brought back so many memories -ehemBEASTehem- and made me realize a lot of things. I do miss those times. Haha. Fangirl life :))

Anyway I guess I’d be staying in the condo for the rest of the week. My parents called yesterday morning (technically) to tell me not to go home to Laguna because they’re both sick and they didn’t want me to catch it since I was just sick 2weeks ago. Awww my poor parents :(( I hope they get well soon! I should bring them something next week when I go home. I miss them.

Ah finally, my eyes are getting droopy. Ttyl :)


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