Okay I’m taking a break from all my Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator duties so I could write for a bit. I have to finish everything at 3am and right now my head just feels like a twisted pulp and it’s asking me to give it a rest even for just 5 minutes. So here I am, writing to clear my head off and because I really hate not being productive. LOL.

Earlier my groupmates and I were supposed to have our photoshoot for Conceptual Photography’s next plate but guess what, we had to re-schedule it to early tomorrow (which is technically, today) because we were under manned and our yellow-form is with our other member. I felt a bit bad because I wanted to finish it now so I’d just have to print it later, but no, we have to actually move the whole thing. Ugh. Yeah I’m a bit pissed off.

Adding to that, when I went home, I realized that I left my keys in my other bag. The admin didn’t have our spare key because apparently my aunt has them too. I wanted the world to just crash down on me and end my suffering. I ended up taking a cab to go to Eastwood to grab dinner at my aunt’s resto and indulge on some Happy Lemon!

I tried out Komrad’s really spicy dish, I forgot it’s name though (mental note: ask aunt). But it was REAAAAAAAAAAALLY spicy, I felt like crying, at the same time it was also really yummy and crunchy. At first, I thought that it just felt hot because it was newly cooked but after a while and after realizing that the aircon is just on top of me and blowing 16deg of cold air, it dawned on me that I was kinda sweating because of the spices in the food and not because it was just newly cooked. LOL

Then we ordered this yummy pidding cake with VANILLA on the side at Cyma’s. It was mouthwatering and it perfectly erased the spicy feel on my tongue. It’s a piece of heaven. I love it!

Anyway I’m going back to work. Hopefully I get to wake up early and finish my printing and photoshoot today. It’s just the 4th week since the term started but I feel like dying already. What is this!? damnit!


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