It’s too early for me to think of a title.

Anyway, it’s been awhile and frankly I should be finishing my homework for DESNCON which I’ve been putting off for quite awhile now. I slept it off (again) last night because this huge headache came over me and I feel that even if I tried to do it I would just end up with a crappy work so I just went to bed early

Now I’m up at 5:30am–which I haven’t done in a very long time–thinking of milk carton designs and bus wrap advertisement designs.

I’ve been feeling kind of apathetic to everything lately, too. I don’t know why but I think I’ve been focusing too much on school that I’m failing to notice the other things. Not that I want to but I just feel that they really don’t need my attention right now. I know it’s wrong. Aaaah, sorry :(

Also, not that it bothers me but the most unexpected people liked my concept photography shot. I mean people from highs chool, the ones that I’ve never really been close with and the people that I haven’t talked to in a really long while, liked it. I like the feeling that somehow it connects us again. Like I could just come up to them again and ask, “Hey, what’s up?” Like how it used to be. Well, maybe, maybe not. But it never hurts to try. And again, I like this feeling.

I should really start with my designs.


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