Cousin Bonding Weekend.

My cousins and I have been around each other since we were born and it’s just so crazy how we never get tired of each other. And as we grew older, we’ve also become each other’s best friends. Everything is so cute. Once we’re all together, it seems that everything that needs to matter, doesn’t anymore and we’re stuck in this hole that we can all go crazy in and it wouldn’t even feel embarrassing because we’re with each other.

This weekend is a little crazier because they made Kuya Paul and I stay until Tuesday morning. I only have a few clothes to use (I had to use Tara’s clothes going back to Manila. Haha). Plus it’s also the first time that Tackie’s with us. He doesn’t usually hang out with us (unless it’s our end of the year reunion) because his dad’s a diplomat and their family’s staying god-knows-where right now in some part of the world. I think they’re staying in Jakarta right now. Anyway so Tackie’s with us and seriously that boy’s so cute and aggressive. I want to pinch his cheeks! haha. But he had to leave on Sunday night because they have other things to do during the weekdays.

Anyway, it’s suuuuuuuper cold in Cavite. I think it’s at par with Baguio already. But even if it feels like negative-something-degrees already we still stayed outside the house until around night time just to talk, share stories and play games. It’s fun to be just like that. Feel idle and just enjoy everything. My Aunt also revealed so many stuff about us when we were still babies! We we’re so disgustingly cute LOL.

At one point yesterday my Aunt also shared that what Tara was to Bim today was what she was to Tito Bong (her older brother) before. Well she said that up til now she still likes making him buy things for her. Even if he hates it, he still spoils her most of the time. It’s so cute. So I had to tease Kuya Paul that he should graduate already so I could request stuff from him already (well bigger things than hamburgers haha). From that, I realized that even if I’m an only child, my Kuya Paul and Kuya Philippe do spoil me a lot. Even with little things like hamburgers and t-shirts and ice creams. Haha. I like this life :))

Any, I should get back to working on my finals requirements. I have to finish everything this week! Huuuuuuuul.


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