Still in class.

So I thought that my group will fail our Sound Design midterms. We didn’t know that we should’ve submitted our script yesterday because he said that he’ll be teaching us radio script writing this week. So imagine our surprise when he said that he wanted to see our script when we entered class. As one of the only 2 girls in a group of 10 members, I was really scared. Especially when I’m eligible for a plus .5 on my finals grade. I was REALLY scared.

But, you know what they say about underdogs, they do always have a way. I think I just made that saying up. Being up against another group who’s very competitve by just the looks of them, we feel very inferior. It also doesn’t help that the impressions about the boys in my group are rowdy and just plain naughty. Stereotypical.

But thank heavens because we finished a funny script and tracking in less than an hour. We’ll just edit it and add sound effects and then we’ll be done! Yayyyy IN YOUR FEZ NYAAA!

On another note, we’re still waiting for a suspension announcement from our admin. It’s been raining like crazy since this morning when I left the condo. Pleaseeee let it be good news ;))


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