Rainy Tuesday

I’ve been listening to Maroon 5’s Overexposed album for a whole week already! I love every song, or at least the ones that aren’t remixed. Don’t get me wrong, I love remixes but when you have 4 or 5 remixes of one song in an album, sometimes it gets too overrated. Nonetheless, I love all the other songs! I swear sometimes I wonder why they made Payphone their front song when there are so many other wonderful songs inside, like, Wipe Your Eyes, Daylight and Beautiful Goodbye. But that wasn’t what I was supposed to write. LOL.

Yesterday, our college decided to suspend classes at 1:30pm due to the heavy rains that poured all over the metro all day. Frankly, I thought CSB wouldn’t suspend classes until after 3pm. Let’s face it, this is CSB. They’re usually the last one to announce anything. It didn’t help that I was also feeling a bit hesitant to attend my night class yesterday because I still hadn’t finished my 2DANIM plates, but either way, I really don’t have any choice. I only have a little over 6 hours to finish 4 more plates for midterms. Luckily, they did suspend the class and we’re all a little bit relieved that we still have at least 24 hours to finish our midterm plates.

But of course, since we already planned something for the Tuesday break beforehand, Tihn still pushed through with her birthday surprise for Jackie. She bought Bonchon for us to pig out on and after Jackie got to the condo, we ordered KFC and somebody went down to buy ice cream while the rest of us watched Zombieland. Talk about finishing my plates. Hah.

Eventually, everything has to end and we were all left to our midterm requirements again. Hey, I was able to finish my WEBDEV images just in time. That should count for something :))


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