Around this time last night, my roommates and I felt hungry and randomly decided to go to the Ministop in the next condo to buy some chips and drinks. When we entered, I almost fell because I tripped on the door all because I saw my crush (who also lives in our building :P) buying some chips there… wearing sando and boxers.

I don’t really know him nor his name and we only see each other in the lobby of our building most of the time so it was kinda awkward. I think he also felt awkward and shy because when I looked at him and he was looking down and then he looked at me and I shyly looked away. I swear if other people actually noticed us, they would seriously think we were idiots.

Anyway I just needed to let this out because I’ve been feeling giddy about that since last night. It made it hard for me to sleep because I kept replaying everything that happened in ministop. And yes, I know I sound really ridiculous.

Haha. Good night.


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