Bus thoughts.

This is why I love Wifi busses. They let me abuse their wifi as long as I’m on the bus, plus it goes straight to Southwoods; which would get me home 2x faster! Finally, a bus that caters to my needs :))

Anyway, the La Salle – Ateneo game earlier was so intense, I decided to stay in the condo to watch it with my roommates and friends. We were so noisy; it was so much fun! I wonder how we’ll be when we watch the game together. We haven’t really done that :(

 This game reminds me so much of how I miss my best friend, Khey Ceeh. We were such big fans of Ateneo during the era of Fonacier, Tiu, Intal, etc. I miss watching and spazzing with her :(( And it’s so ironic how I used to love Ateneo but I ended up studying in the sister school of DLSU.

Oh on a different note, the traffic in EDSA-Buendia is terrible!


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