This week was definitely the craziest that I’ve had in the past few months. My roommates and I spent the whole week holed up in our little condo because the rains brought by the southwest monsoon had the whole metro soaked up in its wetness. It had us on our toes every night watching out for the suspension of classes and the rain was so intense that we can’t even go out of the building because the flood is already knee-deep. But it gave us a chance to bond so much–so much that we’re starting to get sick of each other’s faces. I’m not kidding :))

Our room also became an evacuation center because all our canned goods and the food that we brought for the condo were all over the place. Plus our friend from the 41st floor decided to sleep over since it’s scary when the weather is this crazy and you’re all alone. Even when ours is just 12 floors up, it’s scary seeing the blue sky getting covered with black clouds. I was worried for everybody but myself. I know that flood won’t reach me unless I go down our building and with my height, you would know.
Once, we we’re out of cheese rings food and toiletries, we decided to go down the lobby but once we saw that the flood in front of our building was already knee-deep and probably even higher, we thought twice about going out. Our friend decided that she’ll just risk it (don’t even dare to try that, it’s dangerous!) so she waded through the flooded streets and into the next building to buy stuff for us. Aww we love you Yvs   We shall complain about not having our own convenience store in the condo, don’t worry! Anyway once the rain stopped the next day, we went to the grocery right away so we wouldn’t get caught off guard ever again. But omg lol we bought a hundred pesos worth of cheese rings, just because. :)))
And yeah I felt my flu creeping up on me while I was doing my 3D in the cafe. Now, I’m sick and it feels so crazy -.-

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