Weather love.

I know it’s probably raining somewhere in the country and I hope they’re all safe where ever the rain is, but I just really have to say that I’m loving this weather so much! The Weather app on the iPhone says that the temperature today is probably gonna go lower as soon as it hits nighttime; which means it’s going to get colder and it looks consistent throughout the week. I’m gonna have to wear hoodies/jackets all the time. Not bad at all!

Since the weather is like this, I’m blasting 2AM Club‘s album because it just fits the weather and my mood today. Good thing my roommates already left for their class this morning and wouldn’t be back until 3 hours after. I should really do something important here but so far, because of this cuddly weather, I’ve only managed to fix beds, drink something warm and go back under my comforter and write this. I swear I feel lazy. I know, that’s bad but my bed always feels so comfy and I feel like it’s always calling for me. I’m screwed if this keeps up all throughout the term. Haha.
Oh and we moved to another condo! It’s so much smaller but it fits me and my roommates perfectly or least that’s what I think, so far. This one is near—so much nearer—to our school! Our friend and his sister also lives just a few floors beneath us so it gets pretty chaotic when he and our other friends come over. The bathroom has heater—which I think is God’s gift to humanity, especially at a time when the weather is making me feel like I’m in a refrigerator. Now, I take ages to shower. Not like I shower in haste in the first place, but I think my shower time got dramatically longer.

I sleep in the lower bunk because I feel nauseous when I’m in the upper bunk so I got first dibs on the one below. And personally, I think I sleep like a stunt man. I go from one position to another like it’s my job so I think it’s also safer for everybody if I get the lower one. My corkboard’s still bare because I havent printed anything yet to fill it and frankly I think it’s going to drop on my head anytime while I’m sleeping—and I’ve got to stop watching too much Final Destination movies because I’m imagining some too gory scenes again—so I’m keeping that corkboard neat until it’s ready to take the heat of my requirements ;)

Anyway this is getting too lengthy again, but I just gotta put it out here that I’m actually excited for my Photography class on Thursday because we’re going to do some exciting shots. Maybe I’ll write about them after. Oh, and Happy New Year! I’m 22 days late but what the heck.



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