Temporary madness.

This is going to be very random because I’m feeling really crazy right now and it’s killing me.

Because of my current madness, memorizing a few of Eminem’s raps is now on my bucketlist. I’ve done Lose Yourself, so now I’m onto his rap in Love The Way You Lie with Rihanna. This is probably my weird way of coping up because frankly I just think I’m going mad. Anyway I think I’m 50% into memorizing the whole thing and I’m glad that I have something to cross off my bucket list.

And I said something about being excited for my photography class yesterday and I actually did enjoy it. We had the photoshoot in the Dark Room for our Light Painting concept. The photos are still not with me but I think I did really well considering it’s the first time that I did that concept using the bulb and not the shutter settings. I’ve got to admit though, working with a gorgeous model is hard as f*ck. He’s too handsome and too distracting–even if we’re working with most of the lights off–it’s hard to work with a straight mind. Sometimes I just wanted to tell him to sit down and just be gorgeous in one corner because it’s hard to look at him in the camera without drooling. I’ve seriously got to do something on how to keep my flailing emotions in check whenever we have a model in our photoshoot. This is going to destroy me. And I swear if any of my classmates ever read my blog and find out my feels for the model, I’m going to die or combust into a million pieces of dust–or I’ll just disappear.

Anyway, our homework for the week is continuing the Light Painting somewhere else. I’m thinking of doing it in the park and having many different colored lights so it gets crazier. The crazier it gets, the more I’ll love doing it. That’s probably gonna be my tramp-stamp on my works.

Oh gosh sometimes I make myself laugh…


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