Bucket List: White Cross Children’s Home

My bucket list is probably as long as a river but it sure does keep me on my toes. I’ve been wanting–since forever!–to do something for a cause and I’m determined to do that this year; because according to my BDJ planner, “I should own this year”. I don’t know which page it’s on, but I’m pretty sure it’s written there somewhere or maybe I’m just imagining that it’s written there.

Anyway, I just think that it’s not a bad idea to break away from everything and pay it forward. We spend time with people dearest to us and have fun with them, but we seldom think of those who doesn’t have anyone at all. It feels depressing. I haven’t seen an orphanage; let alone experience one, but that’s what I think when I hear it and that’s just sad.

I read this blog where they spent a day with the kids at White Cross Children’s Home and it just inspired me to do the same. I don’t care if I have to play Gangnam Style (odg help me) to make them nauseatingly happy, I’ll be fine with it.

Frankly though, I don’t know how and where to start. I’ve tried contacting them but their line is always busy. Christmas would be the best time to do this right? I mean I’ve always spent Christmas with my family and relatives but it would be great to spend it with these kids too. I guess this isn’t just charity for me. Everybody who really knows me would know why. It’s not a secret but it’s a very sacred thing for me. I’m an advocate for adoption and it would be like killing two birds with one stone on my bucket list if this pushes through.

I just hope that lots of people would help me on this :D

I’m babbling at 2pm and I still haven’t eaten breakfast. Gotta go!


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