#12/365; One.

It’s been a long time since I last had an actual blog and frankly, I don’t have any idea of what to write. This is all Joana’s fault! Just kidding :)) Please bear with me as I ramble randomly in this intro post.

First, I do miss blogging and writing (and ranting!) about random stuff. Mostly I do that when I’m too excited or too depressed and tired. I have somewhat extreme moods sometimes. But don’t worry, I’m not bipolar. I can control my emotions very well but having a blog will probably help more with the mood control. Anyway, my last blog was a Livejournal. We had a two year relationship and it was a friends-only blog. Only a few friends can actually read it and I had to screen every request–some of them were spam! Ugh. This is probably the 3587452th time that I’m opening a blog and I’m really hoping that this new one will last a little bit longer.

Second, I’m pretty sure that everyone around me, specially my very close friends would agree with me when I say that, I’m very talkative. VERY. But now that I’m living with my parents again, there are certain things that I have to be mum about. So yay for you wordpress, I actually trust you more than my parents. LOL. Just kidding! They give me money, duh. I have to be biased. Sorry :P

So I pretty much rambled through my first post. G’nite!


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