#14/365; Sunday, fun day.

Yesterday was a very crazy day–family wise. We went to Papa’s (Dad’s Uncle) house in Makati to visit and I found out he’ll be celebrating his 90th in March. That’s so cool! I’m pretty sure we’ll have a party for him by then. His old age is making him funnier by the minute but it’s also sad that he keeps on forgetting us and his own children :(

After lunch at Papa’s, we went to UERM to visit my Aunt who got admitted because of a benign Meningioma on her brain. She collapsed and had seizures on the way to the hospital and I can’t imagine how terrified and scared Mikey (her son, my cousin) could’ve been when he found her and when they rushed her. Thank God, when we got to the hospital, she’s already awake and in a chipper mood. She seemed like she’s back to normal. Though they told us that when she woke up the other day, she kept asking why she was in the hospital and she keeps forgetting who already visited her. She can’t remember the what happened in the past 3-5 days too. Probably because she’s under heavy medication.

It’s sad but I’m really happy that she’s checking out of the hospital today. I think she’ll undergo surgery for her meningioma in a month’s time. She’ll get through it I’m sure but I’m still gonna rally for prayers for her and for Papa as well. Please pray for them guys. I’d be very grateful for it.

All those depressing stories aside, seeing Lola Linda again is probably the highlight of yesterday. She’s my Mom’s aunt and she’s slightly deaf now because of her old age. She’s too adorable, I swear. The hospital room yesterday was too noisy because we all have to make our voices loud for Lola to hear so she could go along with the conversation. She also has this mannerism where she’ll say “yes” to everything because she’s assuming that most of the questions directed to her are answerable by yes or no.

There was another grandma yesterday in the hospital and lola and her were talking to each other in a normal tone. Turns out, they were talking about very different things. They could’nt hear each other properly! Oh god Lola I love you! There were so many other stories about Grandma and her fails but I guess that’s for another post ;)



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