#15/365; Unplugged.

I forgot my iTouch today and I thought I’d go insane. It dawned on me that I rely too much on my iTouch for music and entertainment. But then again it gets too boring during breaks without it. Also, people tend to get a little introverted in the classroom; so without it, I’m left with no one to talk to and no choice but to doodle on my notebook until my seatmate gets back from her smoking break. Not having my iTouch annoys me so much because without my music, my mind races with too much thoughts that only ends up getting me depressed. I’m never leaving my iTouch ever again. Neverrrrrr again.

Oh and I just confirmed with my MMPRFOL professor that I’ll be the secretary for our class this term. With Annuale: Multimedia Arts Festival 2013, Multimedia Awards and Proj1 (thesis) happening all at the same time, it’s going to be one hell of a crazy term. And it’s only the second week of classes. This is going to be so interesting.


S H E R L O C K’s 3rd season finale. DAMN. JUST, DAMN.


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