#69/365; Mayday Parade hang-over.


Photo by: Thomas Falcone

It’s been a day and a half since I saw Mayday Parade at their concert and I swear I thought that I was gonna lose my voice with all the screaming that I’ve done. And yes, I’m still hung over. I miss them already. :'(

But of course I had to go through the worst before getting to the best part of my day–which was obviously, Mayday Parade. I had my Portfolio defense in the morning and to make things worse, I was feeling nauseous and I felt like puking my brains and blood out. I was feeling so anxious about the defense because we would only get 3 options, Hired, Not Hired or Hired with Reservations.

I went ahead of everybody to the panel room because I want to get it done and over with. The interview went great but I only got Hired with Reservations. Totally my fault–but that’s ok. I know I haven’t really put as much effort to it because of my MMAF duties.

Anyway, after my friends were done, Shiela and I went to her condo right away so we could both freshen up while waiting for Joana. I was so pumped because I’ll be seeing Jake Bundrick for the first time and I seriously felt restless I could punch a gorilla. When Joana got to the unit, we all prepared and went to Skydome.

I’m not gonna go into details because I still feel dazed from everything. BUT… I swear Jake Bundrick , I love you but I’m obviously going through my Brooks Betts phase right now. I still love you… BUT BROOKS’ DIMPLES THOUGH. SIGH. CRIES. I still love you, Jake.

Oh and I’m so happy because we were able to say hi and wave to the great Thomas Falcone! He waved back too ♡


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