#101/365; MMAF Aftermath.

Photo 4-11-14, 1 41 03 PM

Exactly a week ago, our exhibit was happening. After 3 months of preparation, tears, sleepless nights and deadlines, Multimedia Arts Festival 2014 finally came to a close. It was a bittersweet–to say the least–but I had so much fun. The exhibit was definitely the highlight of my college life.

A week has officially passed, but I am still high off of everything. It’s not easy to suddenly come to a stop after being on full throttle the past few months. I’m not used to sitting down and doing nothing anymore. I liked the feeling of always being on the go. This was exactly what I needed again in my life. I was like this before when I was still with PKCI, but I had to align my priorities. I had to slow down.

But I am glad that after everything, I’m not the only one who feels this way. This feeling of separation anxiety. I have grown attached to everyone; even if they’re giving me headaches every now and then. Our batch definitely owned the #sepanx tag now.

I’m very grateful to everybody who took the time to visit our exhibit. Our guests made it possible for us to be successful. I love you guys and thank you!


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