Wow. I just realized I haven’t written anything in here for a whole month. I guess between all the work for my internship and freelance; the constant celebrations I’ve been doing to try to stretch my birthday week into a month, and the start of my new school term, I forgot to sit down and relax for a bit–oh and don’t forget the endless list of tv series that I’ve been trying to finish before my classes starts.

Also, I was obviously drunk in my last post; I need to make up for that.

Here’s a run-down:

After living with my parents in the south for a whole term, I am now back and living alone at my place in Manda. Yay for me!! From time to time, my aunt drops by and sleeps here and leaves after a night or two to go back to her work in Subic. Having the condo all to my self is pretty rad and relaxing. I don’t have to answer to anybody and my OC self is rejoicing that I don’t have to clean much since the only other living thing in my place is our cat, Amanda and her kittens.

Speaking of Amanda’s kittens, yep she gave birth to 3 kittens! Sadly, one died but the other two are healthy now and loves playing their game, “hide-and-I-will-go-kill-you-when-I-find-you” with each other. Seriously, they’re too brutal.

Anyway to cut the supposedly long post, May was an ok-kind of month–even if it’s my birthday month. I got to fit in work, movies with my friends, school and my new, hectic life in it so I’m pretty buzzed most of the time. I expect it to be the same until I don’t know when but it’s pretty fulfilling. I like this feeling.


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