#194/365; World Cup Weekend with my ladies!

Saying that my World Cup Weekend was great is an understatement. It was awesome and great and cool and every positive compliment I could probably say in 5 minutes. Although Brazil didn’t end up winning, I’m glad that Germany did. I saw how much they wanted it from the start and it was just amazing that they got to see it through. Their match with Argentina during the finals drove us insane!

I slept over at Joana’s place so we could both watch it together with her sister–who was rooting for Argentina–and Thea who went to Jo’s place on Sunday because she had something to do prior to our weekend sleepover.

Before the game we baked a (fail) cake and had pre-finals game pizza party. Then before midnight, we had a pre-game bailey shots. This would signal that whoever wins, everybody can just, SUCK IT. OYASSSS!

It rained pretty much the whole game but it’s nice that we’re just inside the house. The game was so intense anyway that we didn’t even hear the rains outside. Our cheers were probably louder than the thunder. When Götze scored the only and winning goal, the whole house erupted and the poor, sleeping Thea (who had no idea what’s happening) shot up because she was startled. It was funny but I need this to happen again soon. I can’t believe it’s going to take 4 years again.

Waiting for Fifa 2018! Sadly my mom doesn’t want me to go to Russia because she’s scared of my safety so, it sucks. By then I’d collected the jerseys of my favorite teams, I can cheer loud and proud now!


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