#46/366: 2016

Yes, I know. We’re already 2 months in and I’m only writing now. But, I have the perfect excuse and the perfect reason: I’ve been really busy. I’ve always been, but, 2015 was exceptionally crazy!

For one, I’m not in Warner anymore! As much as I would’ve wanted to stay, the pay I’m getting from being a temp staff isn’t enough to cover my very bum lavish (whaat lol) lifestyle. But worry not, I got into a great company, so everything isn’t so bad. Nothing is bad when my new company gives me new stuff to play with *insert very evil laugh* and makes me work (hard–hi boss!) at home! I’m kinda living the dream, but kinda not. I’m not making a lot of great sense. Lol.

But, you read that right! I sometimes work from the comfort of my own house–very reason why my ass is getting very fat. I digress, I’ll detail the pros and cons of that next time. But even if I get to work from my bed, I also have a loooot of meetings–which drains me so much–but it’s fun to see the sun every other day.

Anyway 2015 was crazy, why?

2015 was the year I got to eat the most expensive meal I have ever eaten. Ever. EVER. E V E R. Did I say, EVER?

For international artists, eating a $1140 meal would probably be normal, but for me, a mere mortal and not a commoner, that’s already a new laptop bruh. Yeah, I got to eat the most expensive meal with the company of MLTR–if you don’t know who they are, you’re too young homie.


 Damn. We all look so small next to Daniel. Damn.

These Tito’s call me their “Wifi Girl” because they think my golden–and very badly bleached–hair brings forth free wifi. I kid, but simply put, I have my pocket wifi everywhere I go and them uncles likes their free wifi as much as that hipster kid who’s holed up in Starbucks for the past 8 hours. I think I just described myself.

A few weeks after that, Charlie Puth came to town and we got to handle his touring show in Manila. It was crazy and I think the whole thing got me to shed a few pounds because as much as I’m also their Wifi Girl, I’m also in charge of the crazy press conference and program for his main show–which ended up in a whole world of disaster. I kid you not. Not Charlie’s fault though. Let’s just blame a guy with T.W. initials.

Charlie also kept on insisting that Nina (my officemate then) and I were twins so that kept him very pre-occupied over dinner. I also ended up sitting with the guys during dinner and got to know Tyler, Nick and Asaf–Charlie’s band–a little better. They’re really nice guys!

Tyler also told me that this was his 5th time in the Philippines! Most of the time though they were in checked in at Manila Hotel so he only got to a few places nearby. This tour was particularly a little strict with security because TW is being extra paranoid. Seriously, our jobs were also on the line. If anything happens to Charlie on our clock, our heads would be on a stick in a matter of seconds. But, it’s all good. The band got to rest for a few days.

I realised then that even if Charlie seems mature in the limelight, he’s really just a boy. It was nice seeing that part of him. He takes a little more time than the others to warm up to people but when he does, let’s just say he’s a bit different up close. People would like him more.


Actually missing this guy!!

Anyway those were the highlights from last year.



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